This operating system has not had all the attention it deserved, so it seems almost disappeared.
Recently, however, the CP/M community has been very active in the recovery of this OS, begun from Emmanuel Roche who recover and retyped documentation.
Mario Viara contributed with a port of TurboDOS 1.2 on Udo's z80pack emulator.
The great news however, went on the work of Per Frejvall. He has a copy of TurboDOS 1.41 and ported it on
simh/AltairZ80 environment...
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A little vacation between christmas and the end of the year gives me the time to add some content to the archive section. :)
First a page is online giving access to the documents posted on by Emmanuel Roche aka "French Luser".

Another gift from indefatigable Emmanuel has arrived . This time is a book about "Z-80 ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE UNDER TurboDOS" by R. Roger Breton and a retyped document describing TurboDOS.

In february 2009 Emmanuel Roche send his work on PLMX compiler to me asking for its publication. Not so quickly (almost four months later) i've finally put online a page for the public. I have to say that i'm terribly sorry for this delay. Hope to be more responsive next time!!