Finally access to mirror's page had been restored.

RAID storage has been completely replaced and site moved to a new server. Hope this run still better.

Mirrored location will be updated (for live sites. at least) next days.

I have had some problems with site's storage array.

One of the raid5 disks is broken and to prevent real data loss, the storage has been turned off and, as a result, site mirroring is not currently available.

I'll post an upadate on this as soon as the this will be fixed to restore full access to mirrors page.

Please be patient.

Finally published the first release of My Z80 Tools.

MZT or My Z80 Tools is a complete set of cross-assembly tools targeted at the Z80 cpu in a Linux enviroment. It includes a macro assembler (mzmac), a linker/librarian (mld80) and a disassembler (mdz80).

Udo Munk's z80pack a.k.a. z80sim has reached version 1.18.

Since this version, related web page and software downloads has been hosted by Tilmann Reh, so they can be reached at

My mirrors page has been also updated.