A new section has been opened to contain downloadable files. I have to organize what i wish to make available, but in the meantime, you can find here an image of Rlee Peters's collected CP/M files...

The mirrors section is now functional, carrying a first bunch of sites. Due to the slow update rate of CP/M material, local images are refreshed on every month, so don't expect "flash" rescans.
This is just the top of the iceberg however...
I've also started to fullfill the links page with sites of my knowledge.

The first snapshot of the CP/M Newsgroup Archive is complete. Check it out under Projects->News Archive. There is still a lot of "to-do" in this area, but the articles are here and available for downloads.

Well, the first attempt to startup the site is done. Welcome to all.
After some rethinking I have begun to make public some URLs from my list of web mirrors.  Moreover I have started a project for the archiving of CP/M newsgroups that is  available in the menu under "Projects" link.